Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Carmel By The Sea! People and Dogs rejoice! A beach town paradise for all!

The best part of this trip= I am continually amazed by the beauty that surrounds us in this country!
“Ok, I could live here and be ok if I died in an Earthquake.”-Shane Andarowski.

Behold, Carmel by the Sea. Part of the Monterey Peninsula, loaded with an adorable little downtown shopping district (who cares, really, but still really, really nice but we like nature so…) and then, there’s this beach!
Off leash, dog friendly and famous for the 17th hole at Pebble Beach Golf Club.
(Hey, Ron….not to shabby, eh??)
Notably home of the US Open and ProAM tournaments to name a few!

The beach is soft white sand and clear, gem like blue color! We are ecstatic! No crowds on this slightly over cast day. While we stroll along, we search for Clint Eastwood’s house. (One time mayor of Carmel, by the way) Shane’s fav, and he is hoping for a invite to hang out.

The girls couldn’t care less about Clint but instead have the time of their lives swimming and chasing birds!
Breathtaking!!! Enjoy!

Off leash dog beach Carmel, California photo

First glimpse!

Off leash dog beach, Carmel by the Sea, California photo


Off leash dog beach, Carmel by the Sea, California photo Pebble beach Golf Coursse

Par for the course. Famous Pebble Beach!

Off leash dog beach, Carmel by the Sea, California photo

Poor bastard in the rough.

Carmel by the Sea, California photo

Ok, that’s why the greens fees are astronomical…

Carmel by the Sea off leash dog photoClint who?????

Carmel by the Sea photoCan we live here?????

Carmel is one of the best off leash dog cities we have come to so far…incredible!



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