Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Morro Bay, California, as Close to Utopia as you’ll ever get!

We ladies had quite an adventure today.

Morro Bay off leash beach photo

So we took a long, off leash walk, up the coast. Glorious! An off leash wonderland! How does everyone not want to live here! So incredibly beautiful, quaint, and down right adorable! It is said a picture is worth a thousand words, and I think today’s pictures live up to that old adage.

Morro Bay harbor photo


After filling up on mother nature’s good work, we headed to the harbor for the evening stroll. No disappointment here! Actually, a real, functioning sea town with charming seafood restaurants, and taffy shops. Not over done commercialism at all, authentic!
We left some sites for tomorrow but could did stop for some fried clams and a cold beer to take for the stroll home.

Three Fingers, Morro Bay California photo

Since I am pretty sure there is no actual Utopia, Morro Bay is close but does have the “3 fingers” to contend with. Pacific Gas & Electric built this energy plant here back in the 1950’s and is was closed in 2014. Yet, here are those 3 big, ole smoke stacks right in the middle of everything. There is some on-going and heated debates as to the fate of the ‘fingers” but no agreement between the big energy and local folk has been reached as yet. I vote for an Art Installation as a compromise.
Morro Bay California harbor photoWhat a utopian neighborhood looks like.

Morro Bay sandpipers photoThese fellas get it!

Morro Bay Sand Dollar photoWhat a find! I was going to pick it up and take it with me but….where do I put it? Camper life=photos, not souvenirs.

A fine, fine day!



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