Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!

Roswell, New Mexico! Dogs love Aliens too! A Dog Friendly trip to the UFO Museum-Fun for Creatures Near and Far!

Hello Everyone!

Roswell, New Mexico is a bucket list item for us ladies. Ok me, but the UFO museum in Roswell is dog friendly and once inside, the girls really enjoyed themselves! First a “Paws Up” shout out to the museum that WANTS you to bring your dogs inside and NOT leave them in the car! Too hot, Too dangerous!

UFO Museum Roswell, New Mexico dog photo

The museum is packed with newpaper clipping, photos, exhibits and all things proving “they do exist”. We knew it anyway…

UFO Museum Roswell, New Mexico dog photo

The whole place is really entertaining and quite factual. We were prepared for “Kitsch-o-Rama” and it did not disappoint but we were pleasantly surprised at how really well done the displays and history are presented. A worthwhile stop for anyone visiting the area or the planet!

UFO Museum Roswell, New Mexico dog photo

Of course, the town of Roswell is filled with silly and fun Alien themed everything!

UFO Museum Roswell, New Mexico dog photo

The best part….the gift shop! The girls were each given a alien swag bag! Stuffed Aliens, biscuits and bandana! We 2 legged folk had to buy our trinkets to remember this exceptional outing but dogs shop for free!!!

UFO Museum Roswell, New Mexico dog photo Tired after day of space exploration and making new friends. Gracie is keeping her souvenir close!

Excellent! Pet friendly, sci-fi filled fun in Roswell!!! Check it out! International UFO Museum



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