Travel is a treat when you bring the dogs!


America IS Beautiful

Photos from around the United States in search of our pet-friendly natural beauty

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Dogs Are Amazing!

Traveling is more fun when you bring the dogs along
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Dogs We Met Along The Way

Dog friends we’ve met on our journey … look here for yours!
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I have always believed we should get ten, 5 minute English speaking tokens that you can share with your dog over his/her lifetime. Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just tell your furry bff that the reason she has to stay home is because you have to go to work and make the money… Read the story

Hi Everyone, Marion is not exactly the hub of excitement but they do have this nice state park…Ferne Clyffe. They also have a Gander Mountain sporting goods store, so after the purchase of some new, badly needed hiking boots and a new, also badly needed, grill….we set out for the day. Fall is just barely… Read the story

Hi! Our last day in St. Louis and with still so much to do, some will just have to wait for next time. We are still just a little slow from all this excitement but we decide to take a nice walking tour of some of the city’s oldest and most historic area. The Soulard… Read the story

Hi Everyone, Just some quick, silly shots of we ladies taking in a bit more of St. Louis in a secret effort to exhaust the Girls so not much fuss is made when we go the the Cardinals Baseball game tonight… A solid 4.5 mile hike in Queeny Park starts the day…Nice trails, big park… Read the story

Hi Everyone! I doubt very much you will get though any day of our visit here in St. Louis without at least one photo of the magnificent arch. I have to say, I am a little bit in love. I really cannot stop looking at it…I do love large, silver, shiny things and this Arch… Read the story

Hi All! Off we go to begin our exploration of St. Louis. So much to see and do it was hard to decide where to start but after a travel day, we like to stretch our legs so Forest Park was the perfect stop! Yes, more Arch photos…get used to it! This city park is… Read the story

Hi Everyone!! Here we are in East St. Louis…Illinois! Yes, Illinois. Apparently, our campground, sitting on the east side of the Mississippi River, is still technically in Illinois! Ha! It’s ok, after a GPS mishap, we wound up driving the camper into downtown St. Louis. Add that to all the St. Louis adventures planned and… Read the story

Hi All, Celebrating a gorgeous, clear, 70 degree day here in the Land of Lincoln! The perfect kind of day! A few items left on our Springfield checklist to cross off, so we ladies head out early so we can pack it all in…. The Washington Park Botanical Gardens offers the Thomas Rees Memorial Carillon… Read the story

Hi Everyone! So, shut out at the Lincoln Memorial Gardens. No dogs allowed. Strange since Abe was such a dog guy. It’s ok, no shortage of other Lincoln Land items to explore tomorrow. Today, the still sweltering weather calls for dog swimming so we head out, one park at a time…. First stop Sanchris State… Read the story

Hi All! A Very, Very Hot day here is the capital city of Illinois! Still we are curious about the city and the Route 66 festival so layered in sunscreen and strapped with water like a camel, we venture out! Ok, so this is the Lincoln Library but I am getting conflicting information if it… Read the story